Dear friends from afar, it's nice to meet you here. First of all, let me say hello to you. Hey, how are you?

I am Innei. You can call me "Shiyi". Now let me talk about myself from the following aspects.

Social Status#


A tired corporate slave

Personality Traits#

Introverted & Socially Anxious, I have never been good at socializing since I was young and have always been a loner. Because I became interested in computers at a young age, I became very passionate about the field of computer science, which caused me to lose the natural instinct of playing with other children during my childhood. As a result, my conversations are limited to the field of computers, which has led to weak social skills and poor communication abilities. Even as I grew older, I still don't know if what I say is right or wrong, and I unintentionally hurt others' feelings. So it's best for me to speak less. "Many people with social anxiety actually desire to communicate with others, but they are afraid of awkwardness or being hurt or looked down upon. When you open up the emotional barriers of someone with social anxiety, when they open up their hearts, they can talk even more than a chatterbox."

Loner, the previous point contributes to this. In many situations, I still find it difficult to accept my surroundings and noisy environments, and I tend to avoid things I don't accept. I can't fit into the mainstream and believe that people are inherently selfish.

Focused, when it comes to something I'm passionate about, I often forget to eat and sleep. Of course, this is just a metaphor. In fact, even if I love something, it won't affect my sleep time. And recently, it's all about independent development. Independent development always brings me a lot of rewards.

Thoughtful, when I feel lost, I always focus on the future and lament that I have achieved nothing. I am a rather pessimistic person who doesn't encourage myself but thinks about encouraging others. During high school, I often pondered about life when I was daydreaming. Nowadays, I often think about life on the way to dinner after lights out.

A kind of trendy person in a sense, I have no requirements for dressing up and find that life should be simple. Only necessary daily necessities and dining utensils are needed. Simple is contentment.

A person who thinks from others' perspective in a sense, as a developer, I experience what I develop from the perspective of an ordinary user, whether it is necessary, whether it provides a good user experience, and whether additional features are needed.

Other tags Sensitive Maybe an otaku? Dual personality Not good at socializing Pessimistic World-weary Depressed patient Mediator Pessimistic

Interests and Hobbies#

Pure music enthusiast, since 2015, I have been obsessed with pure music styles, especially "Luv Letter", but not limited to piano, it also applies to violin, percussion, etc. I also enjoy modern and cheerful electronic music that is not noisy, such as "China-X". Favorite musician: Qiu Youju

A fading otaku, I have been into the world of anime for 3 years (2016-) and I am still a rare anime fan. It all started with "CLANNAD". The peak period of watching anime: sophomore year of high school, 3-4 series per week. Genres: yuri, battle, harem, slice of life, tearjerker. Favorite anime: "Steins;Gate"

Open source contributor, I have completed the GitHub streak of 100 days and consider myself an enthusiast of open source. I also want to become a contributor to open source projects.

Other interests, Japanese language, drawing, and a love for electronic products (NAS, routers, smartphones, etc.)

Current Situation#

Front-end independent developer (since April 2019), tech stack: Vue.js, React

Almost a back-end independent developer (since July 2019), tech stack: Express, NestJS, Fastify, NodeJS

Almost an iOS developer (since February 2021), tech stack: React Native, SwiftUI

Almost an UI designer (N/A)


Origin of My Name#


Derived from the Romanization of the Japanese word "陰影" (Innei), which means "shadow". It dates back to middle school when I was a withdrawn teenager. In recent years, I have been using the English name Innei, pronounced as /ɪnni/.


It means "to pick up" or "the future". It signifies grasping the future and seizing opportunities. It comes from the visual novel "Steins;Gate":

"0" represents the past, "1" represents the future, and "now" doesn't exist anywhere.


It comes from the movie "Spirited Away". It is the single character "寻" that was wiped off by the witch Yubaba. It represents finding the lost self.


It comes from the song "Yixia Fengling" by Qiu Youju. It is my nickname at Alibaba. Since the names I wanted were already taken, I chose a soft and gentle piece of pure music as my name.

Some Experiences#

  • February 2022 - Present Xiaohongshu (Front-end)
  • July 2021 - September 2021 Alipay (Full-stack Node.js)
  • December 2019 - June 2021 Troph (Front-end development)

Domain Names#, derived from the Japanese phrase "しずかなもり" (shizuka na mori),

The world is restless and noisy. I have never been to the Peach Blossom Spring, a place isolated from the world. I just want to have a peaceful place of my own. I have never been to a forest, but I want to listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy the tranquility., my name,

Contact Information#


Send Mail


PSN innei-j

9DAF 034F 2122 0A35 A312  5DDA 0F62 D339 77F0 21F7


  • Mi 8
  • Xiaomi Notebook Pro (2018)
  • MacBook Pro 16' (2019)
  • MacBook Air (2022)
  • VX2478-4k-HD
  • AirPods Pro
  • iPhone SE 2020
  • iPhone 12
  • iPad 6
  • Nintendo Switch (Animal Crossing edition)
  • Beats Flex
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Magic Mouse 2
  • Keychron K3
  • PlayStation 5
  • Apple TV 4K (3rd generation)

Feeding Channels#

Thank you for reading this far. If my articles and blogs have been helpful to you, feel free to support me. Your support is the greatest affirmation and encouragement for me.

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