Playthings and Life

Finding joy in hardship.

Losing oneself in gadgets#

During the Chinese New Year holiday, I took advantage of the last few days off to flash OpenWrt on my home AC2100 router, and since then, I have embarked on a path of tinkering with routers.

After returning to Shanghai, I bought a G7505 software router and started tinkering with it. After a week of tinkering and countless internet outages, the current state of my rented house network is as follows:

  • PVE hosts iKuai, OpenWrt, Arch, and Hass.
  • iKuai is the main router, prepared for future dial-up connections. DHCP gateway points to OpenWrt, so if Op breaks, I can easily switch back to the gateway, saving time and effort.
  • OpenWrt acts as a side gateway, providing wall penetration and ad filtering functions.
  • Arch is used for Docker and CF Tunnel intranet penetration.
  • HASS connects to Xiaomi IoT devices, and in the future, all devices will be connected to HomeKit. (Referring to my parents' house)

The performance of the 7505 is still more than enough, but the memory could be increased.

Work in progress:

  • Setting up a Synology NAS.

No boundaries between life and work#

There doesn't seem to be much to say about this topic. My life is nothing but repetition and repetition. Every day, I leave for work at the same time, hoping to leave on time. Day after day, the only variables are the uncertainties and obstacles in my work, the unknown online incidents, and a bunch of other problems. I stay up later and later at night.

Due to the decreasing workload in my team, the pressure on us has increased significantly. It seems like we are becoming more and more redundant. If the business team continues to receive fewer and fewer rare demands, some of us will likely be let go. Our team leader is starting to lose patience. He can't single-handedly carry the weight anymore. We must make some changes, but it's difficult for us small fries.

As a business team, our requirements are now higher than even the neighboring chicken skewer team. It's tough to survive.

Furthermore, choices need to be made.

Life and work have no boundaries, and it's sad.

How many times must we stumble before we learn to be strong?

How many times must we search for direction in confusion?

How many times must we fall before we can stand up and face it?

Be brave and keep pushing forward.

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