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Since the introduction of software routers, I have been tinkering with the network almost every day, and the most troublesome thing for me is DNS. After several days of troubleshooting and losing internet connection late at night, it finally seems stable now.

The current topology is iKuai as the main router and OpenWrt as the secondary router, with Arch providing foreign DNS services.

Both AdGuard, op is connected to domestic ADG, and Arch is connected to foreign ADG. You may ask why I don't directly connect two adgs to op. The reason is that once op is installed with Docker, the network is gone. All the traceroutes are *, and the gateway cannot be reached, and all the packets are lost. I have tried numerous methods, but in the end, I gave up. It is still most convenient to start another Docker in another system.

Both ADGs work well with ssrp. The op ADG is configured as an upstream server for dnsmasq, and the ssrp DNS is set to the ADG of Arch, while the domestic DNS is directly issued through the WAN port.



Please be cautious when operating and it is recommended to take snapshots first.



It's time for the annual performance review. It's also the season for layoffs.

Unfortunately, my mentor may be affected by this wave of layoffs. My leader is really ruthless, showing no mercy and setting high expectations. If you can't deliver satisfactory results, he will tell you, "You can start looking for a job." For someone like me who is a housing slave in Shanghai, being laid off would bring immense pressure. The monthly mortgage payment is over 20,000 yuan, which is not something that can be easily handled. Currently, it's just speculation, but various signs indicate that it's highly likely.

I think, if there are performance indicators, why not give them to me? After all, I am the one with the least financial burden in the team. Besides, I also want to go home and relax.

I discussed with my colleagues and calculated that if I save 500,000 yuan a year, it will still take 10 years to save enough for a down payment in Shanghai. However, I am already facing a mid-life crisis, and now with the possibility of being laid off, I dare not imagine what will happen next.

Movie Watching#

Recently, I purchased an Apple TV 4K (3rd generation). One reason is that I was interested in the infuse poster wall, and secondly, the one with an Ethernet port can also serve as the central control for smart homes. Currently, I haven't bought a hard disk array, so I can't store so many 4K movies. I used Aliyun Drive's webdva to mount and create the poster wall. It's easy to find resources on Aliyun Drive, but when watching 4K original discs, it still buffers occasionally due to network limitations.


During this period, I watched several dramas:

  • The Three-Body Problem
  • Fast & Furious
  • Itaewon Class

Taking the time to calm down and seriously appreciate the ninth art is a rare thing in this restless environment.

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