Hope ending is a good beginning.

Today is my last day on Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book).

As a fresh graduate, it is the dream of many graduates to enter a well-known company after graduation. I am also one of them. Big companies offer good benefits and high salaries, and it is also easier to switch jobs in the future. I can also settle down in a big city and find my own little world.

Coming from a third-tier university like me, without any outstanding abilities, being able to join a well-known company right after graduation may be due to my good luck. Heaven will not always favor you. In the past year, there have been multiple changes in the team, and the atmosphere has become increasingly hostile. I have had thoughts of leaving multiple times, but as someone with less than a year of work experience, where should I go? The accumulated depressive emotions finally reached a breaking point, and one day I decided it was time to leave.

The intense competition and lack of technical atmosphere really do not suit the growth of a fresh graduate. During my one year and two months at Xiaohongshu, I experienced remote work during the pandemic, overtime before major promotions, and fast-paced demand iterations... When I left, although I received recognition from my leaders for my past year of work, I still gave up the opportunity for promotion. I didn't want to exhaust myself. We are ourselves, not slaves to the company. I also thank my leaders for giving me high performance evaluations and recognition despite knowing that I was leaving.

Lastly, I want to thank Xiaohongshu for accepting me when my job search was not going well at the time. It provided me with a platform and the opportunity to be seen by more professionals and to meet many experts.

As for the future, it is full of unknowns. Where will the next stop be? Time will provide the answer. I hope that this ending will lead to a better beginning.

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