WWDC 23 Night: Passion for Technology and the Rhythm of Life

WWDC 23#

The second time staying up late to watch the live broadcast of WWDC. The last time was WWDC 20, witnessing the powerful performance of Apple silicon Mac and marveling at the arrival of the future. No longer limited by the incremental improvements of Intel chips, the transition from x86 to arm has been made. And in that year, it was determined that the migration of the entire product line from Intel to Apple silicon would be completed within 2 years. This WWDC released the Apple silicon Mac Pro, marking the completion of the migration of the entire product line. The x86 era will eventually pass.

However, to be honest, the hour before this WWDC was particularly boring. It was all about widgets, widgets, and more widgets. It seems like Windows Vista is the biggest winner. Until "One more thing"...

Apple brought Vision Pro, which may once again change the world. According to the firsthand experience of tech bloggers, it may be very similar to the concept video shown at WWDC, although there are still many areas that need to be optimized.

At this stage, its price is discouraging, but in the future, as technology advances and it becomes as popular as the iPhone was back then, our lives may change once again.


Random Thoughts#

Bought a 1-year subscription to Design+Code with {TW@pseudo_yu}, hoping to spend some time learning this time.

Bought a 5K monitor and the NuPhy Air 75 that I've been eyeing for a long time, and set up my workspace.


Recent Status#

It's been almost a month since I started working at the new company. Remote work is very comfortable, without having to sit in the office at a fixed time every day, attend a bunch of boring meetings, saving a lot of time, and no longer having the pressure I used to have. I don't know if it's because of working remotely from home, but my schedule has become increasingly irregular. Sometimes, even though I've finished my work, I find myself tinkering with my own things until 1 am without realizing it. I usually wake up after 10:30 am and start dealing with work and various matters around 11 am, until late at night, and the cycle repeats. It seems that apart from the absence of the tense pressure of working in the office, my schedule hasn't changed much. Maybe I'm going through a bad phase again. I see people around me constantly learning new technologies, as if they know everything, while I have long been stagnant and trapped in the quagmire of anxiety. I feel more and more anxious and unable to learn anything. I'm already very detached from socializing, perhaps I should let go of the only online socializing I have and forget about those experts, so that I can embrace life and encounter the people and things around me. Undoubtedly, it is very difficult for me, but I hope I can learn to do it slowly this year.

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