Rewriting websites, tracking anime series, and AI-assisted writing.

Summer is coming, and as the temperature rises, I feel less and less motivated to do anything. These past two weeks, I have spent most of my time at home, and each day feels like an endless repetition, dull and without novelty.

Despite the monotony and repetition in my life, my programming journey continues. I love programming, and recently I have invested a lot of time in rewriting my personal website. Currently, the codebase has reached nearly 20,000 lines, and I tirelessly work on this meaningful project. For over three years, I have been diligently building various personal websites to document my observations and technical thoughts. I have always been programming with the goal of recording my life and technology through my own website, continuously iterating and optimizing it along the way.

Programming is not just a skill for me; it is also a passion and enthusiasm. I enjoy open-source projects, and besides my own personal projects, I try to contribute to other open-source projects that I like. I have always had a dream, which is probably shared by most independent developers with ideals, to be able to sustain myself through open-source projects. However, this dream still seems out of reach. Even developers at the level of well-known figures in the Vue community like {GH@antfu} cannot cover their living expenses solely through sponsorships.

In the current environment, it has become exceptionally difficult to sustain a living through this approach, and the dream feels distant. Most people still need to find an employer to earn a living. This fills me with anxiety because you never know what the future holds. If given the opportunity, I also aspire to find a better working environment abroad, such as in Japan or Singapore.

In the past two weeks, I watched some movies, including "The Journey of Bellflower" and "The Child I Pushed." I also revisited some Marvel movies. In the upcoming time, I plan to wrap up the project for my personal website and then decide what to learn next. The external environment makes me feel anxious, especially on Twitter. Lately, I have been reducing my presence on social media platforms that may trigger anxiety. However, on the other hand, I find myself trapped in a solitary world.

Most of the content above was generated by GPT, and I only made adjustments to the sentences. AI can truly bring about many changes and greatly improve productivity.


You can learn how to use ChatGPT to assist in writing complete notes through the following video.

The July anime season has started, and my current plan is to follow:

  • "Actually, I am the Strongest"
  • "Rent-A-Girlfriend 3"
  • "In Short, She's Very Cute: Female High School Arc"

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