Inner Game

Interpersonal Relationships and Self#

In many ways, I have always felt like I am in a "delicate relationship": regret, interpersonal relationships, and even myself. This delicacy often makes me feel like a failure, especially when faced with complex interpersonal relationships. Every time I make impulsive decisions or other mistakes, I always dwell on them, like a heavy stone weighing on my heart, and I always regret why I did it at that time.

Interacting with people always makes me feel stressed. Once seemingly minor conflicts and conflicts arise, I always choose to avoid them. This kind of avoidance does not solve any problems, but instead makes the relationship more complicated. I understand that the more I do this, the more I will toss and turn, but I always feel that there is an invisible force hindering me from changing.

After experiencing this several times, I suddenly reached a deadlock, and within a few days, this friendship ended. The more open the relationship, the easier it is to suddenly dissipate, and this gap can make me remember and regret for a long time.

Because of this mentality, everything becomes more difficult emotionally. I always feel that I cannot have a normal relationship, especially when I consider past failures, I am full of fear and doubt about love. I am afraid that the final outcome will hurt myself.

I understand that this cycle of life must be broken. Recently, I started to reflect on myself, trying to find the root cause of the problem and find a solution. I gradually realized that I cannot let past regrets and failures define my future. Life never stops, it will not pause because of my hesitation or deep regret.

Change is a long and difficult process, but as long as I have the willingness and courage to change, everything is still possible. I hope that one day I can better handle these delicate relationships and become a more mature and comprehensive person.

Recent Events#

Technological Boundaries: Created two toys

A Hooks and Context wrapper built on top of Jotai, which can use atoms to achieve minimal state centralized management.

This is an implementation of

A scaffold for NestJS + Prisma + Zod + Socket.IO. It also includes integration testing for Prisma, which most templates do not have.


There are many tools for a mediocre person like me, and Mac Studio is a great addition. Thanks to the sponsorship of

But from certain perspectives, Vercel is still the biggest winner.


  • On September 2nd, I had a meetup in Shanghai, and then we went to the nearby Xintiandi to eat, get a massage, and continue to recommend NeoVim.


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Recently, I want to explore some interests other than coding. I plan to buy a MIDI keyboard and learn to play the piano. I really like the pure sound of the piano. I have been listening to it for several years, and I especially like the music of Qiu Youju. I hope that one day I can play his songs.

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