Monthly Report 23.9

It has been almost a month since I last updated any articles related to life. Mainly because there hasn't been anything new recently, and I don't have a strong desire to share.

City Walk and Overnight Experience#

In September, I went to Shanghai again and had a city walk with friends. At night, I stayed overnight at an e-sports hotel with a few big shots.

The picture above was taken in the evening near Nanmatou Ferry Terminal. I forgot to take a photo of the e-sports hotel, but the feeling of bunk beds made me feel like I was back in college. Shenqingchuan and 2beelin had a lot of energy and played games until two or three in the morning.

The next day, after having lunch together, we started walking west. In the afternoon, I met up with zhangmo8 and we discussed NeoVim-related topics at a coffee shop. zhangmo8 is getting married during the National Day holiday and gave us wedding candies. I wonder when I will have sweet love.

Developing Interests - 🎹#

Perhaps since entering the cloud village, I have been exposed to various types of instrumental music. Starting from high school when someone recommended Netease Cloud Music to me, I began listening to piano music. From the Japanese DJ's luv letter and flower dance to July's my soul from Korea, and later to Chinese composer Qiu Youju. I really like these piano pieces, and that's how I formed a connection. But I have no foundation in playing any musical instruments.

Perhaps now I have the time to make up for some past regrets and learn to play an instrument.

I bought a digital piano from Beiqi and subscribed to Simply Piano for a year. I learn a little every day when I have free time. I haven't enrolled in any classes yet, I'll see about that later.

Upgrading Devices#

I upgraded to the iPhone 15. I had been using the iPhone 12 for 3 years, and I bought the 128GB version (CNY 6799) when it was first released. In 2023, the iPhone 15 with the same configuration is only (CNY 5999). It's really a good deal. Well done, Tim Cook.

I also got my dad a OnePlus phone. It's a good Android phone, and they even included a screen protector, phone case, charger, and data cable. Not very environmentally friendly.

A few days later, my iPhone SE 2 suddenly stopped working. The screen went blank, so I had to send it in for repair.

Dental Treatment#

I originally planned to get a teeth cleaning, my first time. But before that, I had a check-up and it turned out that two of my teeth had serious cavities. The dentist recommended that I get them filled since I was already there.

I didn't realize how much money dentists make. The cheapest filling cost 600.

After the teeth cleaning, I started getting the fillings. Now I'm scared of the sound of the dental drill. When I was a child, I had cavities and had to get my teeth filled.

I must take good care of my teeth, sigh.

Rewriting Mix Space#

Recently, I have been planning to rewrite Mix Space. The new version will have a different technology stack, no longer using MongoDB. Instead, I will use Prisma + Postgres. So I have been exploring the overall architecture design. Therefore, I don't want to use the old name anymore. With this complete rewrite, including the API core and admin console, I plan to give it a new name.

Previously, the API used by the admin console and the public API were coupled in one controller. But this time, I'm using trpc to aggregate all the authenticated interfaces used by the admin. It's more convenient in terms of types, and I no longer need to manually declare them. So far, trpc + react-query has been working well. I'm no longer using Vue, so now all my projects are in React.

Switching from Vue to React is also a complete rewrite. The biggest problem now is the component library. Naive UI is very useful in Vue, but in React, there are a bunch of Headless UI libraries that make it particularly painful to write projects like dashboards that need to be quickly developed. I don't want to use Antd and Mui, as they limit my options. Next UI looks good, but it has many component bugs and there are very few components. I've had a lot of bad luck with it and encountered several bugs in just a few days. I don't recommend using it, and I won't recommend it to others anymore.

Because there are other things besides code now, the timeline for this project has been extended. I don't want to focus all my energy on just one thing like before.

So let's wait and see.

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