Monthly Issue - 23.11

It's been a long time since I wrote about recent events. Because there hasn't been anything new recently.


Because I'm lazy, but sometimes I need to print materials, so I bought an HP 4826 color printer. It's not expensive, it uses ink cartridges, the ink cartridges are also not expensive, and there's no need to worry about clogging, at most just change the ink cartridge.

Usually, I print and review well-written blog posts, and I printed a bunch of sheet music, even though I can't play any of it. I also bought photo paper, so I can print ID photos.

!It's still clear

But let me interject here, many blog sites haven't optimized for Paint, so the printing results are not good.

Homelab All in boom#

Migrating to EQ12 N100#

All in One === All in Boom, I have experienced it. Half a year ago, the Beckhoff G7505 industrial computer I bought started crashing frequently without any warning. This caused me to not be able to access the internet normally, so I ended up using the Apple TV as a gateway, which happened to have an Ethernet port. This time it came in handy.

I used QuanX as a proxy and was able to do traffic splitting and other things, but the only inconvenience is that I have to change the configuration on my phone every time, and then turn on the TV to switch the configuration, which is too cumbersome.

I directly sold the original industrial computer on the second-hand market after it crashed a few times. I didn't want to deal with it anymore. I lost money.

I caught the Double 11 (a shopping festival in China), and I made a purchase. A friend recommended the Zero Krypton mini host. I bought a bare machine EQ12 and paired it with a Samsung 980 and Samsung DDR5 memory, hoping that it will be more stable this time.

After receiving it, I started All in Boom again.

!This is its initial form


Large Storage Migration#

I have been using an external 2.5-inch Seagate mobile hard drive as network storage. Recently, I learned a bit about the depth of mechanical hard drives and suspected that it was a shingled magnetic recording (SMR) drive. So I bought a Western Digital 4TB 3.5-inch drive, which I confirmed is not an SMR drive. I plan to buy a hard drive enclosure to continue using it as an external drive.

Fortunately, I checked on Zhihu (a Chinese Q&A platform) and promptly returned the ORICO transparent hard drive enclosure, which is known to be a hard drive killer, and ordered an SSK enclosure instead. I hope it will be more stable.

Then I unlocked a new posture.


Started downloading 24/7 and filled up this drive.


FE Day#

I went to Hangzhou to attend FE Day. Originally, I didn't want to go, but then I saw that Huang Xuan (a famous developer) would be giving a speech, so I rushed to get a ticket. The whole event was quite boring. It was all about AI, and there wasn't much substantial content about Rust. Huang Xuan's speech was worth thinking about though. What is front-end development? Front-end development has always been changing. From the past to the present, what will the future be like?

Took a few random photos:


Bilibili +1#

Received the Bilibili co-branded card from Bank of China. The application process went smoothly, taking about half a month.


Although I still haven't activated it until now, and even if I do activate it, I don't know where I can deposit money. 😭


Offline Blog D#

Recently, I started a project to create an offline database that can be used with PWA (Progressive Web Apps). This allows the blog to still be accessible even if the server is down, as long as the local data is still available. It's similar to the "local first" concept, but without collaboration, so there's no need for CRDT (Conflict-free Replicated Data Type). Overall, it's not too complicated.

On the server side, I created several APIs to provide publicly available data to the frontend through a stream, so that the frontend can rebuild the local database for the first time. The database format on the frontend is aligned with the backend. Therefore, the backend RESTful APIs handle data conversion and data population in this frontend application, and also need to implement a set of backend logic.

First, establish the IndexDB.

Mermaid Loading...

And use Pinia for data binding to achieve UI reactivity.

Mermaid Loading...

Subsequent incremental updates.

Mermaid Loading...
Mermaid Loading...

It has a bit of a linear mechanism.

D is a simple local first personal website, written in Vue 3


Finally filled the gap.

🌟 Elevate NestJS logging with stylish, file-redirected, and real-time capable logging based on consola. Compact, powerful, and easy to integrate.


I originally planned to apply for a Japanese visa during this period, and get a 3-year visa, but unexpectedly, due to changing jobs, I cannot apply in the Shanghai jurisdiction and can only apply in Guangzhou. The requirements in the Guangzhou jurisdiction are not met, so I cannot apply. Sigh.

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