I have been at home these days and I don't know what I have been doing. It's almost the end of the year.


Wrote 2 articles.

These are some recent thoughts. They revolve around react native and frontend data storage and retrieval.

These days I have been studying editors. I haven't accomplished anything, just played around with Excalidraw.

Film and TV#

Watched the following films and TV shows. Two of them are consecutive documentaries, watched a few episodes. I watched half of the 19th floor web drama, but I don't feel like watching it recently. Chinese dramas are still too bad, they are both long and boring.

  • 19th Floor (web drama, feels average)

  • Farewell to the Yangtze River

  • The Reason I Live Here

  • I Alone Level Up (got exciting after the third episode)


Finally finished The Last of Us Part I in one go. I previously played the PS4 version without any assistance, and it was really terrifying. I was bad at it and kept dying. This time I played the remastered version with assistance and the newbie me is very happy playing it.

After finishing the game, The Last of Us Part II Remastered was just released. I bought the disc at a high price, but since it's banned, I don't know if I can recover the cost later.

  • The Last of Us Part I

"Let's leave it to fate, and make the last days a bit poetic, let's be a pair of crazy flowers at the end."

  • The Last of Us Part II (in progress)

Variety Shows#

Front-end Spring Festival Gala, the ultimate goal for front-end developers is to appear on variety shows.

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