Programming Night Talk and Shadow Game Journey

New Changes to the Website#

These past few days, I couldn't sleep at night and always wanted to quickly implement some ideas. The reason is:

Then I also had the idea to implement this feature.

Now it's here. Although it may not be accurate. You can check it on the left side of the page, this is only available on the PC page.


Then there is the addition of real-time reading content expression.


And Markdown embedded React components. This is explained in detail in the article below.

Website Being Attacked#

On the morning of the 12th, my website was attacked. I was caught off guard. I had just finished writing an article and published it. I wanted to see the effect on the front end, but all I saw was Vercel's prompt "Payment Required". I was very surprised, thinking that I had exceeded the usage limit too quickly. It was very suspicious, something that had never happened before. I checked the usage and found out that it was being attacked. The computing resources were overwhelmed in a short period of time. As a result, my account is now banned, and I don't know if it can be restored next month.


Subsequently, the next day, it was attacked again. Even when all services were shut down, there were continuous requests of 70M per hour coming to the domain. After identifying the request characteristics, the website was restored by blocking them with CloudFlare WAF.



md 被打了,直接被 vercel 停机了 谁这么缺德过年还打别人网站啊


Most script kiddies have characteristics. If it doesn't work, just block all foreign IP addresses. After 20 hours, it was probably a daily attack, and the attacks stopped.

Finally, thanks to mai for providing help with Cloudflare.


During the Chinese New Year, I finally finished playing The Last of Us Part II. Although I already knew the storyline before playing, it was a different experience when I played it myself.

First, there is a golf scene that tells the story of a farmer and a snake. When the second female protagonist was in the most dangerous situation, she was saved by Joel. But when she found out that he was her enemy, she immediately killed the person who saved her. This act was truly cruel, so her friends started to distance themselves from her and compared her to the Scar, the enemy at the time, who killed people in a cruel way.

It can be said that the mindset of the second female protagonist, Abby, also changed after being saved by the enemy. She was no longer blinded by hatred. (Of course, in the post-apocalyptic world, no one did anything wrong, everyone was just trying to survive.) Later, when her savior needed help, she even betrayed her allies. At that moment, she lost everything (her friends were all killed by Ellie). When she went to seek revenge again, the two main characters confronted each other for the first time, and I controlled Abby at that moment. Due to the plot, Abby spared Ellie's life, and Abby stopped seeking revenge. Several years later, Ellie still couldn't let go of the pain in her heart and embarked on revenge again. When she found Abby again, Abby was already hanging on a bamboo pole, barely alive. Ellie saved Abby and they fought again. Abby refused to fight, but for the sake of her only companion, she accepted it. In this duel, Ellie spared Abby's life, and the game ended.

This ending was criticized by the public. As players, we would definitely identify with the perspective of the first protagonist. In the final ending, we couldn't choose whether to spare Abby, and our two fingers were bitten off, so we couldn't play the guitar anymore. Perhaps these two fingers represent Ellie's two acts of revenge, and now she has let go.

Chinese New Year Movies#

This year, I watched a total of 2 Chinese New Year movies, and they both had an inspiring theme.

Pegasus 2#

I won't give too much evaluation. The ending felt a bit rushed. After the protagonist, Zhang Chi, overcame extreme weather and crossed the finish line, the race suddenly ended. In the previous movie, the race was invalidated because the vehicles went out of control and the lead seal couldn't be found. Zhang Chi had been carrying the burden of this scandal for several years, and it was only a few days before this race that he finally emerged from his fear. However, the organizers found the lead seal from back then, but they didn't completely clear his name. This matter had a huge impact on him, but it was left unresolved until the end of this race. It felt very unreasonable.


It's not easy to be a kind person. The protagonist, Le Ying, is too kind to the point that everyone takes advantage of her. When I was halfway through the movie, I felt very depressed. She was betrayed by her best friend and her boyfriend, and her house was taken away by her family. She was betrayed by her coach and lost her money in a fake match. In the end, she was betrayed and slandered by her relatives just to get a promotion.

It takes a great deal of mental strength to endure all this hatred and train in boxing, to change herself, and to win a match. Although she ultimately lost the match, everyone has a different definition of winning. Even if she lost the match, she completed the entire journey and persevered, which can also be considered winning this match.

Actually, I still don't understand how the changes in the second half of the movie brought about changes to her previous experiences. Perhaps it is a need for more positive energy in the local context, or it is required by the plot. In reality, having such mental strength would not result in years of failure without experiencing a series of setbacks, and ultimately choosing death.

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