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Resonance! INFP-T's Inner Theater#

I saw a video online that was just like me.

  • Socialize for five minutes, replay the whole day, even think about it before going to sleep. Even if no one responds in the group after saying something, I have to think about whether I said something wrong, start to worry if others are angry, and reflect on what I did wrong, starting the replay.
  • Feeling lonely when alone, wanting to escape when in a lively place.
  • Agreed to an invitation, then started to worry and regret it, tossing and turning at night unable to sleep.
  • Say one wrong thing and emo for a whole year 🥲
  • Emo messages can be scrolled all day

Upon the suggestion of group members: Started a Telegram channel to record what I eat every day.

Film and Television#

Watched Hayao Miyazaki's last film: "How Do You Live?"

First time going to the movies alone. Feeling a bit lonely seeing all the couples around.

Finished watching a Korean drama: "Marry Me Now"

It's a drama adapted from a manga, some say it's the artistic processing of domestic short dramas remade by South Korea, it looks cool. Watched it all in one go.


Made some minor modifications to the personal website.

Homepage Redesign



Added a dynamic signature, scroll to the bottom of this article to see it. This inspiration comes from

Service Worker

Added a Service Worker to regularly poll the interface and push the latest published articles to readers.

Tell Me Your Name

To make the real-time reader timeline on the left more readable, added this "Tell me your name" feature.


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