2020 · Spring Blossoms and Autumn Harvest

A Special Year#

Unforgettable 2020, so much unknown, so much unbelievable.

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic disrupted many plans.

In the days of being trapped at home, it's hard to say it's boring, but just staying for too long, I don't feel like leaving home anymore.

When it was time to return to school, it was already mid-April, and it seemed like nothing had been accomplished in the first half of the year, so it passed.

In such a special year, no one expected it. Just being able to live well, no longer asking for anything.

Learning in Escaping Online Classes#

Unexpectedly, during my university years, I could still experience remote teaching at home. This made it even more convenient to "skip class", using the time of many classes every day to learn things that have nothing to do with the courses.

Starting from March, it took me a long time to rewrite my own little nest. During this period, I learned NextJS and NestJS one after another. It took me a month and a half to complete a version that looks pretty good.

Study OR Work#

I used to envy others who could have a job during their student days. Being self-reliant and using their own money to buy what they want.

I'm very lucky to officially join a company this year and become an intern.

In the middle of the year, I also got my first MacBook Pro, iPhone...

It can be considered as fulfilling my wishes for this year through my own efforts.

Future AND Aspiration#

In the new year, discover more beauty, try more unknowns.

In the coming year, there are more unknowns waiting for me. Life is long, it's just a process of exploring the unknown.

Of course, I also hope to meet someone who resonates with me and get rid of the loneliness in my heart.

I hope that in this new beginning, I don't have to impose an unnecessary mask on myself. In this short youth, I should enjoy the present.

Stop and take a break.

Occasionally take off your headphones, stop, and listen to this world.

Are you tired? Close your computer and look at the outside world.

Life should not be a constant forward motion.

Best Wishes#

Stranger, I wish you well.

May every effort have a reward.

May every endeavor have an echo.

To Be Continue.#

There is still a long life ahead, and the story must go on.

Thank you, stranger.

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