About Open Source

Recently, I have been maintaining my personal space, Mix Space, and coding has taken up almost all of my time every day. Although the project has always been open source. Although I have always advocated for open source, do I really have the spirit of open source? It seems not. The so-called open source is not only about open sourcing the code, but also about writing documentation that can truly benefit other developers or users of the project. However, I found that I lack the ability to write documentation and write good documentation. After spending time writing documentation, I found that writing documentation is more tiring than coding. I admit that I have not fulfilled my responsibility for open source.

For me, open source is just a kind of fun and a way to generate love. It drives me to write code every day. But after work, I don't have as much time to do things I like, which is also open source. I admire some people who continue to output for what they love after work, tirelessly. It seems that I can't do it like them for now, maybe because I don't love it deeply enough. Being a student is really good. I can barely take care of my own little world and no longer pursue other things, just do what I like. But it won't be the same after that.

The above is my recent thoughts on open source and myself.

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