At the end

After staying in the dormitory for two months, I suddenly realized what memories I can leave behind in this college life, which is neither long nor short. After several years, what exactly does my college life have? Nothing. I can't remember anything worth remembering. Perhaps only one word can describe this period of life: staying indoors. Almost every day, I stayed in the dormitory, staring at the computer. In the first three years, apart from the fixed schedule of attending classes, I rarely left the dormitory when there were no classes. I didn't join any clubs, rarely participated in activities, and my social circle was limited to the dormitory. Undoubtedly, this period of life is not memorable, it is lonely and boring.

I used to want to graduate quickly and get away from this monotonous daily life, but in the end, I really want to hold onto this period of time. The life of a corporate slave is even more boring, uninteresting, and lonely. Before entering college life, I also yearned for a campus drama-like life, but after experiencing it myself, I realized that at least I couldn't do it, and I couldn't experience it. Still single, still lonely, after leaving for several years, perhaps everyone won't remember that there was such a person.

In the end, I want to go out and see the scenery that I missed before. And then put an end to it. The unfamiliar city may never be seen again in the future.

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