These days trapped by the epidemic

In the blink of an eye, it has been a month since I moved to Shanghai.

Unfortunately, for the past week or maybe the next few weeks, I will have to work from home due to the epidemic. I just received a notice that my residential area will also be temporarily closed for two days due to the epidemic, and if there are confirmed cases, it will be a 14-day quarantine. Sigh, this is not the life I wanted. Being alone in a foreign place, the most helpless time is when the epidemic is tormenting you. During this period, although I work from home, the residential area is still not closed, and I can still go out to eat and order takeout. But life is not good. Right now, I just want to go to work, at least I won't starve. Here, I don't even know what to eat. Takeout is not tasty and expensive, and it doesn't even fill me up. I really want to go home. Now, the days I once dreamed of, living alone in a room, seem so naive. I don't even have the most basic life experience. The daily expenses here are basically over 50, and it's ridiculous what I eat. I plan to buy a pot and try cooking for myself.

This week is still a week of confusion, both in life and in my internship. I don't know what to eat every day, and there's no one to talk to. I guess I'll just video call my family every night. Some people think this kind of life is freedom, but when you really encounter this situation, you probably feel helpless. In my internship, I don't know what to do while working from home, and I can't ask questions face-to-face. The efficiency of problem-solving is also very low.

Just now, I went out for the first time and forgot to bring my keys, and I locked myself out. I suddenly felt stupid and helpless. I can't do anything on my own, but I still have to rent a whole apartment. Fortunately, the real estate agent was still online at this time, so I immediately asked if there was a locksmith. After waiting for a while, the locksmith arrived and opened the door with a few moves, costing 150. I can only say that I learned a lesson again. Is this a lucky or unlucky thing? The lucky part is that the residential area is still open, so the locksmith can come in. But what if it's closed? How am I going to spend tonight? Unfortunately, it cost me three days' worth of food money. Should I cry or laugh?

A person without the ability to take care of themselves will always suffer losses. I really wish I had someone like that, someone I could rely on and learn to live with.

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