This movie

It has been three weeks since I have been confined to my rental house, and next week will mark a month.

My physical health is still okay, but mentally I am disturbed.

This movie, set in reality and filled with horror and fantasy, has been playing for over a month without me realizing it. The end time is still unknown.

From the beginning, filled with hope that things will get better; to now, is there anything worth looking forward to?

JD, how many hearts have you chilled? Live-streaming sales and ensuring the supply of daily necessities have brought light to many people's eyes, but now the logistics are constantly delayed, without any bottom line. Even the most passionate flame will be extinguished.

How much longer can I live? Should I just end it myself?

Who could have imagined that this is Shanghai, and this is the real Shanghai.

I no longer believe in anyone who is in control of this movie. They are all liars.

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