Today is the last week of April, who would have thought that it would last so long since the announcement of the lockdown at the end of last month.

I have been locked up for a month.

Many things have happened this month, they are not rumors, maybe most of them are real events, some are asking for help, some are heartwarming, and some are absurd. Big and small things, maybe they spread quickly after a moment, but soon they are 404.

Because I am in Shanghai, because I have a deep understanding. How have I spent this month, and how have people who are even more difficult been living?

Yesterday, I cried when I saw the "Voice of April" being widely shared in my circle of friends. Just because I can relate, living in fear every day.

Today, because of a small matter, I burst into tears. The emotions of this month erupted in that instant.

On this day of the 22nd year, it is so difficult to want to live.

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