A complex day.

Today is the 59th day of being trapped in Shanghai, and it is also a special day for others, a day for showing affection.

Suddenly, I feel very uncomfortable. Looking through my friends' circle, I feel depressed. Seeing others showing affection or enjoying themselves outside, going out to eat and drink, having fun together, I feel envious of their free and unconstrained lives. Meanwhile, during these two months, I don't even have someone to talk to. Besides my parents, the only interaction I have is through a cold screen. Being single is not good at all, especially in this situation.

I didn't expect that I have already missed one April, and now May is also passing by quickly. We have already missed one spring, and now we have to spend the summer under restrictions.

Graduation day is approaching slowly. The last moment of my student life has fallen into such a miserable state. I can't even prepare for my internship materials, and whether I can graduate is still uncertain. I even hope to postpone my graduation for a year. If I can postpone it for a year, I should reconsider my future plans. Regardless, I need to start improving my English as a top priority for my immigration plan.

I don't know what else to say. Living a life like this, being influenced by others, is truly uncomfortable.

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