Reviewing the soon-to-be-gone winter vacation

Today is the 19th of February, the 30th day of the winter vacation, and there are 5 days left until school starts.

Looking back at this winter vacation, it seems like I haven't completed one of my original plans. People always have full confidence before starting, but as they go through it, they become weaker and regret it afterwards. I am no exception. Before the winter vacation, I had a full plan: English vocabulary, practicing for the CET-4 exam, listening comprehension, or even studying advanced mathematics and web scraping. I didn't accomplish any of these. Before New Year's Eve, I had the desire to study, but after New Year's Eve, I lost that motivation. Now, as the start of school approaches, I deeply regret it. Life cannot be repeated, and time cannot be reversed.

So, what have I experienced during this winter vacation?

Before the New Year#

I was still quite serious, watching online courses every day, and also studying some advanced mathematics and memorizing some vocabulary. I learned about the syntax of CSharp and experienced the charm of object-oriented programming languages for the first time.


I was quite busy during this period, which delayed my studies. It was also during this time that I couldn't stand having my blog on Netlify, as it loaded so slowly, so I decided to migrate it to a server. Then I encountered many difficulties and wrote this blog post. From the completion of the migration to other configurations, I did a lot of research.

After the New Year until now#

Starting from migrating my blog, I became obsessed with playing with servers. In total, I set up 4 cloud virtual machines, each hosting a different blog platform: Typecho, Wordpress, and Discuz. I encountered many challenges along the way. There were issues with setting up LAMP or LNMP, and to this day, I still don't know how to use Apache. One day, I accidentally deleted a server, causing my blog to be lost, so I spent a day redeploying and recovering the data. Remembering the Unexpected Redeployment of Typecho

Through this experience, I learned a lot about troubleshooting MySQL, using iptables, and using the control panel, Baota.

Looking back, I was so frustrated at the moment when I deleted the server.

Now, I realize that it was a lesson and another way of learning in life. Even with the second deployment, there will still be unknown challenges and problems.

Life is a great lesson. We are always learning.

Recently, I have been maintaining and securing my website. I have learned about CC attacks and DDoS. Security always comes first.

I think this is also a kind of experience in web operations. Maybe in the future, I will become a web operations engineer, which is not a bad thing.

In conclusion#

A sentence for myself:

The bitterness at the end may not be sweet, but the sweetness at the end is definitely bitter.

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