Bird in a Cage

Today is the 67th day of being confined to the community. Finally, I have the opportunity to go out and see the outside world. The time for release is three hours.

These days, being isolated from the world, I have completely lost touch with what the outside looks like. Just stepping out of the community, everything feels so unfamiliar, like a caged bird flying back to its original world.

I don't have any plans, just wandering around, luckily there are bicycles to ride. Roaming around, observing the world of people. The streets are becoming more crowded, and residents from various communities have gradually been allowed to go out and make purchases. There aren't many open stores, mostly just convenience stores and large supermarkets. The queues are long, spanning several streets, and even in a limited amount of time, just queuing up takes up half of it.

Long queue in front of the supermarket

Then I went to a nearby Hema supermarket. Although there aren't many people queuing here, I was told that only residents from designated communities are allowed to shop, so there was a dispute between residents and epidemic prevention personnel. After being confined for more than seventy days, it's rare to have the opportunity to go out and make purchases, but it's being discouraged.

Police maintaining stability

Thinking that since I'm already out, I still need to buy some groceries. It's been a long time since I bought vegetables. I went to another supermarket nearby, which was overcrowded and not suitable for staying long. Finally, I found a fresh supermarket that didn't seem to have many people.


Apart from these places, there are hardly any other people to be seen. There is no sense of life, only the struggle for survival.

It's time to return to the cage.

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