Transit or Illusion

On the last day of May, the people of Shanghai are waiting in anticipation for the comprehensive lifting of restrictions tomorrow.

Starting from June 1st, the freedom of movement for residents in the prevention zone will be restored, and normal life will resume. The progress of resuming work and production will be promoted, and offline major stores will gradually reopen...

In the past two months, the news has repeatedly lost its credibility. From the originally planned 4-day lockdown of the hotpot restaurant, to the endless city-wide static management. From having sufficient supplies to only being able to buy expensive vegetables, and only through group buying, one can ensure that they will have food for tomorrow by mingling in various group buying groups. The unstable livelihood can only be managed through rumors and censorship to create a peaceful and calm atmosphere online. The safe and prosperous Shanghai only exists in the news, not in the real world.

Just like the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf," the content of the news is no longer convincing, and people are discussing what nonsense it is this time.

After being "softly confined" for 69 days, the community is finally being unsealed ahead of schedule, allowing freedom of movement. Once again stepping into the outside world, everything seems to have returned to normal. There is a continuous flow of traffic on the roads, and many people are strolling outside. However, it's just an illusion. There are hardly any shops open, only those designated as essential remain open from before. Regardless, we still hope that tomorrow will truly be as the news says, not deceiving us, even just once.

Tomorrow is Children's Day, June 1st, a holiday for children. In Shanghai, it is a holiday for everyone, a tribute to the ones we missed on May 1st and Qingming Festival. Tomorrow, we are all children.

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