Brief Encounter

A recent Twitter friend I met in person recently decided to leave Shanghai. A sudden outbreak of the epidemic seems to have no end, and living under extreme epidemic prevention policies means no freedom. Shanghai, which seems to have reopened, is slowly returning to its original appearance. Perhaps this is just an illusion. Since rumors spread that the city would be locked down again in a few days, people have started hoarding supplies and preparing to escape from Shanghai. The last rumor of a lockdown was just over two months ago, and the fact proved that it was indeed a rumor, but the time has been magnified by more than ten times. Faced with the sudden relaxation of epidemic control and the increasing number of notifications, it is inevitable to think back to that March, the beginning of everything. Many people feel that the second season is coming, and it may really become like this.

I have been hesitating whether to leave here as well. Zhejiang suddenly relaxed the control over people returning from Shanghai, changing the original 7+7 to 7 days of health monitoring. Even if I no longer need to quarantine, I won't go back. Because if I go back, I am destined to come here again. Now I know how good remote work opportunities are, not being bound by location, especially in such circumstances.

Today, he is moving away. In this city where I have lived for over a year, in this brief encounter, parting has an indescribable taste. This city has ultimately chilled the hearts of many people.

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