Last days of summer

This year's summer seems endless. Even though we have already passed the beginning of autumn, we still receive daily red high-temperature warnings. August is coming to an end, and this is my first summer as a corporate slave, which feels exceptionally long.

High temperatures, 996 work schedule, and the continuous sound of drilling from the renovations upstairs and downstairs perfectly summarize my summer. Shanghai, a city full of modern charm, is where many people desperately want to come, but all I want is to escape. We, who have nothing, exchange our youth and health for wealth. Will our future selves regret it after several years? After all, we are just modern-day migrant workers, playing the role of cattle and livestock in a certain way.

While envying others, others also envy us. I always want to escape, but how many people envy me? Every time I hear about sudden deaths caused by long-term overtime, I feel angry but powerless. We are just the lowest level of people. Our parents didn't give us much, and this is the best outcome now. But at least I feel that it shouldn't be like this. Every day, repeating, rushing around, day after day, endlessly, without an end. Yet, I still lack the courage to break free and expect things to change. It would be better to be an ideal version of myself and explore my own field. But courage is a rare and precious thing. At least, I don't have it.

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