This semester plan

It's the beginning of a new semester, and I feel it's necessary to set a study plan.

Summarizing last semester's plan, the completed tasks were:

  • English CET-4

This Semester's Plan#

  • Linux system administration basics
  • Prepare for English CET-6
  • Study data structures
  • Introduction to Python web scraping

Many of these are based on personal interests, and with this enthusiasm, I will continue to learn and gain more knowledge.

Long-term Plan#

This is also a vision for the future. So far, my expectations and ideal jobs for myself are Linux system administration, website maintenance, or even becoming a full-stack web engineer.

Of course, all of this requires continuous learning and exploration.

Starting from hobbies, I can learn a lot continuously.

Because I have been playing with cloud servers recently and have developed a liking for system administration, despite experiencing difficulties such as accidental database deletion, with the help of my friends in the community, I have been able to solve these problems and learn a lot from them.

Therefore, I have created two blogs. This one is mainly for recording thoughts, summaries, and miscellaneous things in life, so you could say it's like a diary.

The other blog is for documenting the difficulties encountered and the solutions found during the process of tinkering.

Interest is the best teacher in life.


頑張れ (Good luck)

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