Remember October

After work, I have less and less time for myself. Life often starts in the evening and the nights get deeper. I exchange my limited time for physical rest for a short-lived nightlife.

I just feel that life is too monotonous, with endless pastimes. My passion for coding slowly fades away, and I enter another period of confusion, living like a zombie.

Indeed, it's time to find some fun. Life shouldn't be just boring and unchanging, it should also have some entertainment.

I spent a week with my best friend completing "Two Players on the Go". During this time, I looked forward to finishing work every day so that we could play together and complain about our daily work experiences. The game is really good, and I can't get enough of it. I hope to complete it again with another partner someday.

The graphics on MacBook are a bit blurry

After that, the Double Eleven Shopping Festival started, and I took this opportunity to buy a second-hand Japanese version of the PS5. Although I don't know what changes it will bring to my life, at least it should add some fun to my boring life.

I'm still staying at home on the weekend, embarking on a journey in New York in the game.



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