Learn from your interests

During the process of writing a certain script recently, from the initial confusion to now having a preliminary form, it can already be used for initial testing. So version 1.0 has already been launched.

Every time I start doing something similar, it's probably from dissatisfaction or interest. From the initial boredom to the later surge of interest. Yes, writing code is really more enjoyable the more you write, especially when you're building something from scratch.

I'm glad to have met someone online this time. He has also taught me a lot and helped me get out of confusion.

I'm afraid that my efforts these days will be in vain. I'm afraid that the interface will suddenly change. But that's also the power of interest. After all, I have learned a lot through it.

Perhaps interest is really the best teacher.

So, I will go and write version 2.0, with refactoring and route planning.

Keep it up!

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