Cherish the present, leave no regrets for the future.

Last night, I opened Soul, which I hadn't opened for a long time, and matched with a high school student.

From our conversation, I learned that their high school studies are demanding and they are under a lot of pressure. They complained a lot and wanted to leave high school quickly, longing for college life. I told her that I also had beautiful imaginations about college life, but reality is not as beautiful and romantic as it is portrayed in TV dramas. When you first come to college, you may not adapt to the environment around you and find it difficult to handle interpersonal relationships. The biggest difference is the academic workload. If you lack self-discipline, every day may feel like a holiday. If you participate in fewer activities and join fewer clubs, your social circle may be limited to your dormitory or even just your classmates. It is difficult to handle relationships in such a situation because everyone has different personalities and interests, and conflicts are inevitable. People are selfish and don't want to change themselves for others, only caring about their own happiness. Learning to adapt is also a basic skill.

Speaking of academics, I really miss my high school and my high school classmates. One reason is that I lack the passion for learning now and I miss the hard work of those years. Another reason is that my social circle is small now, and when it comes to interpersonal relationships, I can't help but think of my friends and classmates from the past, laughing and talking together. Although there are still academic achievers in college who study like crazy, just like in high school, if everyone in your dormitory is playing games, do you still have the motivation to study? People are influenced by their environment, so it takes a lot of self-discipline to put yourself in a peaceful place.

Since I was young, I have been looking forward to the future, from elementary school to middle school, and from middle school to high school, and then to college. Now I think back and realize that childhood was the best, and I dare not imagine entering the workplace in the future. Unfortunately, time does not wait, and all I can do now is to cherish the present and leave few regrets for the future.

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