Because of love, so pursue.

A few days ago, I happened to come across a personal homepage. I was immediately captivated by its cool special effects, but it was just a static webpage hosted on GitHub, so the articles and open source projects couldn't be updated in real time (maybe it can be achieved with JavaScript, but after checking, there was no synchronized code). Manual updates are also a complicated task.

Thinking that I have a blog built with Typecho, I can do a migration and use PHP backend to keep the articles updated and synchronize the GitHub open source projects. So, I spent half a day modifying the backend, and I also learned a lot of PHP knowledge. As a PHP beginner, this is also a way of learning.

Currently, the friend links have not been implemented. If there are experts who can provide guidance, I would be very grateful.

As for the article preview page, maybe I will write it in the future. I am constantly learning.

If you have any better suggestions, please feel free to point them out and submit a pull request. It is now open source, and the address is

The open source project has no commercial activities. If there is any infringement, please let me know.

Demo address: null

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