Looking back, looking forward

Although today is April Fool's Day, what I'm about to say is definitely not a joke.

After a week of time, I finally finished reading "Just for Fun". The most impressive part for me was Linus's obsession with the computer left by his grandfather when he was young, and how he started learning and coding, finding joy in it, until he eventually developed Linux by breaking away from MINIX. In his autobiography, he wrote about spending a summer studying in his room before preparing to develop a terminal multiplexer. Because other people's things were not good enough, he tried to write his own system. I admire his spirit. It is precisely because of his persistence that Linux has developed to what it is today. Nowadays, the world cannot do without Linux. I don't think PC systems are great, but in the server field, almost all systems use Linux as the kernel.

When I was a child, I was also enthusiastic about exploring computer systems, but I was using Windows98 without internet. I thought it was a mysterious and magical thing, even though it seems boring now. The only thing I lacked at that time was an understanding and exposure to programming languages. I remember in my sophomore year of high school, the first book "C Primer Plus" opened the door to a new world for me, and since then I have just started on the path of exploration.

Nowadays, I have a superficial understanding of each language, and I am about to make a decision to pursue the path of front-end and back-end development. I want to learn and write a framework in my own preferred style, hoping that one day I can have lively discussions with the experts here and step into their world.
Life goes on, and the tinkering never stops.

I don't want to become outstanding like others and win many awards. I just hope that one day I can write a few projects that can help others, open source them on GitHub, and get tens or hundreds of stars. That would make me very happy, at least my efforts would not be in vain.

As of today, I have been active on GitHub for 14 days. During these 14 days, I have optimized the Card Design and ported the Magic homepage theme. I hope I can achieve a 100 Days Streak on GitHub. image

Interpersonal relationships and the surrounding environment are slowly improving, but I don't know how others perceive me.

Today is also my birthday, so in the end, I wish myself to learn more, find joy, overcome misfortune, and dispel gloom in the coming year.

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