Keep the heart of persistence, open the door to success.

Today is my 30th day on GitHub, and time has passed by so quickly. In the blink of an eye, I have already reached one-third of my goal.

To be honest, I am not someone who is good at persistence. I have many classmates around me who enjoy playing games. Because they enjoy it, they can stick with it and continue playing from the beginning until now, even when others have stopped playing. That kind of persistence is commendable. At least, I don't have it.

When I was in elementary school, around third or fourth grade, I played my first online game, "Dungeon Fighter Online," which was published by Tencent. This game is not popular anymore, and I abandoned it early on. Thinking back, I was so obsessed with this game. I would do daily dungeons, participate in events, save money to buy equipment, and even endure the anti-addiction system. I also experienced the heartbreak of having my account stolen a few times. Despite all this, I would always delete the game over something trivial. I would delete it and then reinstall it, and the cycle would continue. I never had the persistence. It was probably the game I played for the longest time. Now, when I log in again, I can still see the equipment I worked so hard for, but I no longer have the desire to play. Maybe the game has become outdated or lost its appeal, or maybe I have changed.

I have played many games, but none of them have been able to keep me engaged for long. During high school, "Onmyoji" was popular in my class. I also spent a lot of time on it, even more than my classmates did during the weekends. I put in more effort and time to become the top player in my class. Later, in my senior year, I handed over the game to someone else (the vice president of the dormitory) to focus on studying. Even though I was so obsessed with it, I had planned to continue playing with them after the college entrance exam, but it never happened. I lost interest and had no reason to play anymore. Occasionally, when I log in, I see all the six-star Shikigami and top-grade Soul Sets that I worked so hard for. At least I was there once. Some of my former classmates are still playing this game, and their persistence is admirable, even though the game has lost its popularity. But I can't possess that kind of persistence.

Although it's just a game, those who can stick with it have a persistent heart. The same goes for other aspects of life.

Perhaps deep down in my heart, I don't really love games. They are just a form of entertainment for me. I must have something that I need to persist in, I am sure of it. And in my heart, it is as captivating as a game is to others.

"Persistence leads to success" is a phrase I saw in the comments, and I chose it as the title.

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