The dying April

April is dreamy, the beginning of spring. In this April, I am reminded of the lies of April. In this different April of mine, I have also accumulated a lot of joys and sorrows.


This April is a diligent one. Every day, I study frontend-related knowledge, Python, and start taking notes on Github. I have learned the basics of JavaScript and am now studying advanced JavaScript. I bought "CSS World" and after reading a few chapters, I feel that CSS is still difficult to understand and requires continuous experimentation.


There have been many rainy days this month. At first, the weather was hot, but then there were torrential rain, strong winds, and hailstorm disasters. It was the first time I witnessed such large hailstones, accompanied by violent winds like a typhoon. In an instant, clothes were blown away, trees fell, and my bicycle also had problems. Luckily, I was in the dormitory at that time, unlike some people who were outside, facing life-threatening situations, almost "getting off the hook".


Starting last week, Sina Image Hosting added anti-leeching measures, which caused the images in my blog to not display properly. Due to the large number of images, migration is not simple. After all, it is free, and there is no way to avoid the sudden addition of anti-leeching measures. I thought of a clumsy solution, as long as I transfer it, the problem can be solved. The downside is that the server will generate double the traffic, but the benefit is that I don't have to migrate the image hosting.


A few days ago, I watched "Avengers: Endgame". Finally, I contributed a movie ticket to Marvel. The movie was very exciting, but it's a pity that there won't be Iron Man in the future. After all, "Iron Man" is the starting point of my love for Marvel movies.

I have no regrets entering April in this life, and I hope to be friends in the next life.

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