Time waits for no one — To May


Half of May has passed in the blink of an eye, and I didn't realize I still had so many TODOs, and time disappeared.

I started doing things I like, no longer confined to the classroom and textbooks. I have neglected studying in the classroom all along. Although this is unrelated, I decided to focus on learning front-end and back-end. For me, understanding positioning, offset, and percentages in CSS is difficult. Recently, I occasionally imitate others' layouts and write a few small pages, and occasionally look at how others write CSS. I imitate and write, as a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I am accumulating small steps now, and one day I will be able to achieve great things.

As for the future prospects of front-end development, it is currently saturated. The future lies in positions related to data analysis and artificial intelligence. I chose front-end development because of Paul's influence. After reading his story, I decided to pick up front-end development again. Although the road has been bumpy, I have encountered many kind-hearted people who helped me when I was lost. Experience is gained through continuous practice, and I have always been practicing. Only by learning and accumulating experience now can I better adapt to new environments when I enter a company.

Learning has no limits, and it is never too late to start learning, no matter when or where.


Yesterday, I saw topics related to CMS in senior thesis selection online, and today I want to write a CMS similar to Typecho within a year. Actually, I had this idea a long time ago, to the point where I started learning front-end development. I was also influenced by Paul, who wrote his own CMS, which inspired this bold idea of mine. Within a year, this requirement is too demanding, considering that I haven't even started learning Django yet. By the way, it will be based on Django as the content management system. As for PHP, forget it. If PHP doesn't kill me, it's already good enough. Every time I write it, I get frustrated. Its syntax is a mixture of various languages, with functions named using underscores, but it doesn't have the dot operator for class members, instead it uses arrows. And now the new version of PHP introduces arrow functions??? Learning JS, will it be single arrow and double arrow in the future? Hmm, anyway, I give up on PHP and focus on Python, maybe Flask, maybe Django.


I have been using a pair of Xiaomi Piston earphones for over three years. A long time ago, they started making noise, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, and the wire is almost broken. I have always wanted to switch to a pair of wired earphones. The day before yesterday, I tried a C-port earphone and found that it supports Hackintosh. So, I spent a lot of money to buy the Xiaomi noise-canceling earphones Type-C version, and now I'm broke. However, it doesn't seem as good as I imagined when I actually used it. The noise-canceling feature is not very noticeable, almost like not wearing any earphones. I don't know if it's a defective product, I'll use it for a while and see. This is the most expensive pair of earphones I have ever bought, I hope it doesn't disappoint me.


Last week, at the MS Build conference, the most anticipated new things introduced by Microsoft were the new Windows Terminal and WSL2. I have to say that the default terminal in Windows is too ugly, not to mention the Shell, it's too difficult to use. But with a complete Linux kernel (based on Linux 4.19), this is quite impressive. It is jokingly said that Windows will become one of the largest Linux distributions, and it's not an exaggeration. Looking forward to June.

Final Random Thoughts#

Not long ago, in order to migrate from Hexo to Typecho, I also put a lot of effort into it. In the end, I wrote a script to automatically import Markdown files into the Typecho database. Friends who need it can give it a try. move2typecho
Recently, many image hosting services have gone offline, making it difficult for the future. Anyway, let's save the images locally for now. You can use move-img-bed to extract links from Markdown files and download the images to your local machine. Anyway, data is the most important.

I imitated Paul and wrote a layout for Kaoru Mentei's introduction page, and I also tried to write an introduction page for Rem. Feel free to take a look at My Favorite is Rem.

Perhaps, it is the arrangement of fate that made us willingly embark on this difficult path, and then slowly seek the joy of life on this winding and thorny road. However, at this moment, I realized that a truly wonderful and meaningful life probably begins when I steadfastly pursue my dreams.
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