Stay calm and explore the path.

Soon, May will also pass. It has been almost 3 months since I started learning front-end development. Recently, although I don't know my level of learning, I have been practicing by creating some small web pages. Of course, I always encounter many problems, thanks to patient friends in the group who answer my questions. Newbies like me always grow with the help of experts. Thank you, everyone.

Today, while watching the Japanese drama "I Leave Work on Time," I learned about WebGL 3D technology. Although I had some knowledge about it before, seeing the stunning effects made me have the urge to learn it. Also, here is a personal homepage created by someone using three.js: It's amazing.

Although 3D is cool, it requires a lot of knowledge, such as advanced mathematics and computer graphics. It's too difficult for someone like me who is not good at math. I always have the thought of wanting to run before I can walk. It's ridiculous that I want to learn 3D when I can't even write basic layouts.

I have always been thinking about the future path and what I will do. I also want to be able to write wonderful things like those in TV shows.

Now, I should find my way. I have been learning from what others have written, but now I should gradually make some changes. I want to spend some time designing a theme suitable for writing diaries or essays. Currently, I am using the Story theme, which I have modified and added many features to. Although it goes against the original author's intention, I can only say it's for my personal needs. But now, I think maybe I need a simpler theme (of course, with animations) that also has complete functionality for writing daily life matters... I am currently considering it and still contemplating the design. Such practical experience will increase my work experience.

Finally, here is a song that has been stuck in my head recently.

That's all.

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