Although there is nothing in my hands.

Lucky or unlucky, I have always considered myself an unlucky person, but sometimes I am also a lucky person.

I always live in my own little world, a bit naturally introverted, unwilling to confide in others, but instead keeping it all inside, and this feeling is really uncomfortable. I have poor language expression ability and poor social skills, so I have always had very few friends, I can count them on one hand. I don't even know what friends really are. It would be great if I could have a few conversations, help each other when needed, and express my inner thoughts.

But, there are hardly any. That's just me. In high school, I had a few good relationships in my class, but we lost contact after graduation. After college, I basically lived in my own little world. My relationships with the people around me were just average. It's better to rely on myself than on others, and I won't ask for help unless I really need it. I don't talk much, but I have to endure it.

I have always envied others, with such long lists of friends, constantly updating their social media feeds, always having someone comment on their new updates. They can tease each other and always have a strong support system. The misfortune I perceive is also caused by myself.

Even though I have nothing in my hands and I am alone, it is still my world. It is because of this that I must walk my own path well. I will walk the farthest path with my original heart. Even if I don't receive the approval of others, it is still me.

So that I can be proud of my own colors

Just add colors freely

In this blurry world

These hands will color it

Even if there is no one to acknowledge me

Even if I don't have a title that stands out

Our small hands will surely

Make someone smile tomorrow

Even though our hands have nothing

We can still connect with each other

Don't get lost when you're alone

Because I will never let go of your hand, no matter what day it is

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