You live the way I want you to be.

Another summer has arrived, and extraordinary things always happen in June every year.

It has been a year since the college entrance examination. Looking back at this time last year, I was preparing for the next math exam. By now, I have already become disheartened due to the pressure brought by the college entrance examination. Last night, I couldn't sleep because of it, and I was completely defeated in the Chinese exam this morning. I can't imagine what kind of blow math will bring me. Maintaining excitement for 12 hours straight, combined with insomnia, has become unbearable for me. I really want to sleep, but my body tells me that I don't need to. The college entrance examination only happens once, and I will never forget that experience.

Time passes quickly, and now as an older person, I watch the fresh graduates take the college entrance examination. I hope you can cherish it, give your best performance, and not leave any regrets. More importantly, don't be nervous and take care of yourselves.

I often admire the experts. After I started to explore the outside world, to be honest, I used to be narrow-minded, but I am self-aware that I am inexperienced. Until one day, I saw the experts' tweets and exclaimed, "So this is what an expert is like." The experts often modestly call themselves inexperienced, while the real inexperienced ones just silently give them a like and then leave. All that's left is admiration and a kind of tenacity.

I long for the day when I can also call myself inexperienced and be able to integrate into your circle, to be able to have lively conversations and participate in various salons just like you.

I also enjoy tinkering and researching, but unfortunately, there is no circle around me, and I am just an active member in groups, an online persona. Because there is no one around who can understand me. The reason why I chose this major was simply to find like-minded people, to be able to learn together and make progress together. To explore new technologies. I am someone who refuses to be confined to outdated things. Even if I mingle in groups, watch others show off and chat, it is still a joyful thing. It is my honor to get to know a few experts in this lifetime.

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