Writing a Book for Life

Read the following text and write an essay according to the requirements.

There is a viewpoint that believes: when writers are writing, they should have readers in mind and listen to the voices of the readers.

Another view is: when writers are writing, they should stick to their own ideas and not be influenced by readers.

If you are a "writer" who creates life, and your life becomes a "work", then how would you treat your "readers"?

Write an article based on the material, and talk about your opinion.

[Note] ① The theme is self-determined, the perspective is self-selected, and the title is self-determined. ② Clearly define the style, and do not write it as a poem. ③ It should not be less than 800 words. ④ Do not plagiarize or use pre-written essays.

Life Should Not Be Influenced by Others#

What is life? From the moment we are born, we are given life and embark on a unique path of our own. The road is full of unknowns, whether they are challenges or trials. Thus, life is meant to be the best interpretation of ourselves, and we can call it the book of life. Every moment, we are writing a different life on the pages of this book.

Life starts from scratch. At the beginning, it is a blank book, but it is also colorful, requiring constant creation. It comes from life and is influenced by different people. Without challenges, there would be no exciting content. Steve Jobs, a well-known entrepreneur, founded Apple in a garage and he and Steve Wozniak created the world's first commercially successful personal computer. However, the difficulties behind this are unimaginable. Not only him, but also most great entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, were not as wealthy as they are today. Initially, they would start their own businesses in their own garages or places known as incubators. From small to large, they may not even receive support from other companies and face the risk of bankruptcy due to a lack of funding. It is precisely because of this spirit of daring to take risks and creating something that can change the world that Silicon Valley exists today. Silicon Valley's greatness was not built in a day. This tells us that life needs challenges and the courage to take risks in order to write a different life.

Life requires self-affirmation. It is said that life is unique, and if you deny yourself, how can others affirm you? First, you must affirm yourself, but it does not necessarily guarantee affirmation from others. There may be criticism and judgment, but the original intention must not be lost. Never forget your original intention. Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, almost worked day and night when he started building the operating system. He locked himself in his room, focusing on expanding new features. From creating a system for himself to open sourcing it to everyone else, he wanted to tell everyone, "Look, I have really achieved something. I am not deceiving you. This is what I have done..." Afterwards, he received suggestions and questions from everyone, and sometimes he strongly insisted on his own views, saying, "Talk is cheap, show me the code." With such a domineering statement, he always managed to prove himself right in the end. Life is created by oneself and written for oneself, and it is not necessary to be influenced by others' opinions.

Life is extraordinary. In everyone's life, there will always be a few people who change the future. Perhaps it is destined, because of a chance encounter, an extraordinary life is written. Life may get lost at times, but there may always be someone silently watching you from the side, and unintentionally, you notice them and realize that they are the right person you have encountered.

Life only happens once, so please cherish it. Do not be influenced by others, live your own life, write extraordinary words, and sing the praises of your own life.

In Conclusion:#

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