The road ahead is long and arduous.

I still remember, this time last year, on the night waiting for the college entrance exam results to come out, I hid under the covers, waiting for the verdict of the death god on my results, of course, I didn't dare to check the results. Watching the time pass by second by second, some people had already received the results sent by the examination institute, and the order of the messages was sent according to the rankings. For me, who hadn't received the message yet, it was a very painful and agonizing thing. In fact, the outcome was already determined, and there was nothing to be afraid of.

In the blink of an eye, a year has passed, and this semester will also come to an end. Now, at this moment, I have become a bystander watching the students discuss their grades, unable to help but feel a few emotions. When I was young, every time I saw news of someone choosing death because of the college entrance exam, it left a shadow on me since childhood, but this is also the path that every Chinese student must go through. I was afraid of the college entrance exam, because it was important and scary, because of the pressure and fear, and because it was unique and scary. But it's all in the past. I believe everyone knows that among the national college entrance exam papers, only the Zhejiang and Jiangsu papers are the most difficult, and Zhejiang candidates are also the most numerous, coupled with the scarcity of Zhejiang universities. As a Zhejiang candidate, the pressure is undoubtedly greater. Since the new college entrance exam policy, the score cutoff has been increasing every year, and choosing a desired major has become even more difficult. This year's score is 20 points higher than last year. I see people around me sighing, if they had studied harder back then, maybe it wouldn't be worse than now.

Although talents emerge one after another and scores continue to rise. Even if you don't get into your ideal university, the footsteps of life cannot stop, the future road is still long, and there is more than one fork in the road besides the college entrance exam. Even if you choose a deserted path, the next entrance can still lead you to the right path. Moreover, some schools are not as bad as imagined. Even if it's a mediocre university, or even a junior college, you will always find one or several individuals who are the ideal person you aspire to be.

Life is full of responsibilities and the road ahead is long, the burden is heavy, but you will always meet a group of like-minded people.

Some people scatter as they walk, some people gather as they walk. Some people scatter, but their hearts are still together. Some people gather, and they will always support you.

In short, don't stop moving forward. Go and strive to keep up with the footsteps of your predecessors.

A gentleman cannot but be magnanimous, the road ahead is long and arduous. Is it not heavy to take righteousness as one's responsibility? After death, is it not far away?

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