The end is also the beginning.

Just now, after I submitted code to GitHub for the first time today, I can consider it as completing a small goal set more than three months ago - 100 days of consecutive coding.

I managed to stick with it, which is a precious thing for someone like me who is inconsistent.

The determination to code on GitHub comes from the GitHub Roaming Guide by the author Huang Fengda.

What have I done in these 100 days?

I started with customizing a Typecho theme and gradually became more knowledgeable.

I started learning CSS3 and JavaScript from scratch. I am currently learning and using the new syntax of ES6. I am also trying to use frameworks like Vue.

Writing small web pages? That's also a good way to pass the time and learn something from it.

Simply reading books can be tiring, but working on real projects can be very exciting. Facing challenges is a good opportunity for learning.

For the past two weeks until today, I have been working on Typecho theme development. I have learned a lot from it. Knowledge doesn't only come from books, sometimes it's a process of self-exploration.

The road ahead is still long, this is both the end and the beginning.


As the end of the term approaches, I still need to spend more time on coursework. I am still not focused, and that is a big problem.

Recently, Bilibili (a Chinese video-sharing platform) has been recommending me videos about interviews, and I have learned a lot from them. In recent years, the internet industry has become oversaturated, with an excess of people with weak technical skills, many of whom come from training institutions. In addition, education is important. Some companies underestimate your abilities because of your education level and believe that your skills are not worth as much money. Abilities are not recognized.

I am someone who worries too much about the future, compared to the people around me. I am afraid of not being able to find a job.

Among my peers, there are many who are not very skilled, but there are also many who are very strong. Those who are not skilled naturally live carefree lives every day, not caring about the future. Those who are strong naturally don't have to worry about the future and will definitely be welcomed by top companies. And I am the one in the middle.

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