Our generation

Our generation is quite fortunate. We live in a peaceful era and have not experienced poverty and destitution.

After spending half a year studying abroad, when I returned home, people said I had lost weight. Indeed, others who are in college have no pressure at all and spend their days eating and playing. These four years have been incredibly joyful for many people. Honestly, I wasn't very diligent in school, maybe just a little more hardworking than others, with a clear goal for the future.

My parents don't want me to study all the time and become a bookworm, just to find any job in this small town in the future. Actually, I do enjoy studying certain subjects independently, and I won't become a bookworm. Maybe it's because of my interest. The previous generation really had a tough time. Most of them didn't have much education and worked hard and tirelessly for their children, without knowing how to enjoy life, giving everything to their children. One day, when I can establish myself in society, they will worry less.

Our generation is truly fortunate, being in a relatively peaceful era. As we grow up, one day we can contribute our efforts to support the loved ones and friends who have helped us in the past.

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