You may not be the worst.

All along, I haven't had much confidence. Or rather, I have been very inferior since I was young. Rarely do I feel that I have done anything better than others or that I can compare to others. I don't think I'm better than others, or rarely.

In terms of life and learning, sometimes I envy others. Because I always feel that I am far behind others, so I often fantasize about how good I would be. For a long time, I would daydream for no reason. I would rather be trapped in falsehood than return to reality. People always want to become better, and what they see in their eyes is always how others are doing, and others' things are always better than their own. But I have never seen anything of mine that is better than others. There are also many people who are far inferior to me, but they will never compare themselves. Perhaps it is because of this that humans will continue to progress, and progress always grows in denial.

Actually, it's not like that. Many people like me (crossed out) overly negate themselves and eventually become unwilling to expose their thoughts. You are always right because you are better than me.

You're not necessarily the worst, slowly come out of the shadow, say what you want to express. There is no such thing as a genius in the world, so-called geniuses are just developed later. Genius is just having confidence and thick skin.

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