One year

It's been a long time since I wrote a random essay. The last one was on the 11th of last month, exactly one month ago.

The summer vacation passed quickly. What did I do during this summer vacation? I can't really say. I can only roughly say that I learned a little bit of backend development and a little bit of database modeling. People always want to be lazy, and there are always a few days when they want to slack off. I'm no exception. Sometimes I have to force myself, asking myself what I want to do today, what I want to learn, and what I want to accomplish. In mid-August, I thought about using time-lapse recording to record the coding log of the summer vacation, but in the end, I only completed it three times and gave up. Editing videos was a waste of time, and rendering videos was an even bigger waste of time.

Now, it's been almost two weeks since the new semester started. I've seen my younger schoolmates passing by one after another, and I can't help but feel emotional. Time waits for no one. We, who were once naive, have become seniors. I ask myself, can we possess the qualities of an excellent senior? Or are we still the same as before, spending our days playing games in the dormitory?

As we enter our sophomore year, we will soon face campus recruitment and internships, and soon enter the working environment of society. Can we rely solely on the knowledge we have learned so far to perform our future work? No, it's far from enough.

During this important transitional period, in the span of a year, I must study harder and learn more knowledge, complete several personal projects, and accumulate more project experience.

Let's work hard together.


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