Bitter first, then sweet youth.

This semester, I was fortunate enough to be selected for Chen Yunzhou's Japanese Language and Culture class. In the first class, Chen talked about his extraordinary life.

During Chen's childhood, it was the time of the Cultural Revolution when he finished primary school and started working. After a few years, the examination system was restored, and Chen took his first high school entrance exam. He only scored 150 points, an average of 30 points per subject. At that time, his colleagues at the factory mocked him, saying that a toad wanted to eat swan meat. However, he didn't accept it and started studying day and night, wanting to get into a good school. To make up for his weaknesses, he started learning foreign languages, studying English during the day and Japanese at night. Eventually, he found that he learned Japanese faster and chose the path of Japanese. He said he studied Japanese for 12 hours every day and visited various renowned teachers. In the end, he was admitted to Hangzhou University, which was already very impressive at that time.

Yes, the so-called youth is about experiencing bitterness before sweetness. The more you put in, the more you can feel the double joy when you reap the fruits. On this path of growth, it is inevitable that people will mock you, but Chen didn't give up his dreams because of others' ridicule. I really admire Chen's willpower and confidence. I truly regret many things in my past youth because I lacked courage and confidence. Now, all my dissatisfaction comes from my own weakness, and Chen is the person I want to learn from.

In the days to come, I will learn from Chen not only knowledge but also his unwavering will and astonishing determination. I believe that under Chen's guidance, I will gain countless rewards.

Attached is Chen Yunzhou's experience: To Youth

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