Here is a group of lovely people.

Recently, it has been a period of loss.

In order to forget myself (temporarily forget), from last week until now, I have been playing games for a week. Until now, exactly one week. Looking at the commit history on GitHub, there have been 7 white squares. During these 7 days, I haven't studied, haven't written any code, and have been playing from morning till night. It can be said that this is the most decadent period of my life.

Just in time for the third anniversary of Onmyoji, on the eve of it, I returned to the game that I had quit for a long time. On the occasion of my return, I was able to find companions who played together two years ago, and I also made some new friends. What touched me the most is that in the virtual world of the internet, we are strangers to each other, but we can trust each other and show our most lovely side. Some people say that it is a social app, and it does seem to be the case. I can meet so many buddies nearby. When facing a big boss, everyone can unite and attack together. Compared to the past, in the two years since I left Heian-Kyo, it is no longer the Heian-Kyo I knew, but my friends are still kind and friendly, even though we have never met.

Today, after completing the last scroll, it is already tea time. Seeing myself ranked 60th, I feel grateful that my efforts over the past few days have not been in vain. Thank you all, my in-game friends, for accompanying me in grinding.

After all, this is just a game. I can persist in the game, even if it is boring to repeatedly grind the scrolls. Why can't I do the same in real life? It's time to return to reality.

Thank you, Heian-Kyo; thank you, friends.

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