How can we be content with the status quo?

Anyway, it's all like this, I have no hope anyway.

This is a true portrayal of the reality of college students. Many college students start to indulge themselves once they enter college. I believe that a large part of the reason is that their high school teachers told them that they can have fun once they go to college, and it's true. I am also one of the victims. Actually, this statement is not completely wrong. Indeed, once you enter college, no one will bother you about your studies anymore, unless you fail a lot of courses in the first semester. Of course, the teachers are not very strict, so it's quite difficult to fail. As a result, in the second semester, students become even less motivated to make progress. They feel that since they didn't learn anything in the first semester and didn't fail any courses, it doesn't matter anymore. But in the end, they may even fail the easiest exams. And so, retaking courses begins. This is a path of no return.

When you really want to regret and change for the better, it's really difficult. First, there is too much to make up for and you don't know where to start; second, there is inertia and attachment to games. Finally, you think it's better to forget it, anyway, it's all like this, I have no hope anyway. On the contrary, in games, you can't bear to fall behind and spend more time and effort to improve yourself.

In my opinion, college life is an important period different from other stages of education. First, you can meet many like-minded people (although I haven't met any yet); second, you can participate in many activities to broaden your horizons and meet more people (although I haven't participated in many activities) (so I think it's a pity). But at least I don't spend all day playing games in front of the computer. In the last semester, I didn't get involved in the gaming field, but set a goal for myself. I started self-studying front-end development from the end of March to the beginning of April. It was a bumpy road, and during the summer vacation, I started learning Vue. Now I'm learning back-end development with Node, and I actually started learning back-end during the summer vacation. I feel that I am a person who is not content with the status quo, so I want to explore some unknown fields, interesting things, and new technologies that can really pique my interest.

In the last semester, after I had a clear goal, I didn't pay much attention to my studies, but surprisingly, my GPA increased by a few decimal points in the end. On the contrary, improvement brings joy, and decline brings discomfort. So in the exemption exams at the beginning of the semester, I set the lowest score in history, which led to a decline in my GPA by a few decimal points, and I was in a state of self-isolation for more than a week. Although this doesn't seem to bring much, if a person has something that is considered good, they will be very afraid of losing it. This is like attaching too much importance to fame and fortune.

Learning is very important. Before you have a clear goal, it will be the foundation of everything in your future. However, once you have determined your life goal, your choices, ideals, and freedom will all come before learning.

Finally, plan the days ahead, never forget your original intention, and move towards your own goals.

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