Do more extra work.

Nowadays, people like to mind their own business and don't like to get involved in other matters.

During the evening classes, sitting in the rows near the door, everyone was preoccupied and didn't realize that the lights were not turned on. After class, the teacher noticed and asked a student from that area to turn on the lights. Unfortunately, everyone was too busy playing with their phones and ignored the request. Indeed, nowadays college students just play with their phones during class, thinking that whether the lights are on or off doesn't matter to them as it doesn't affect their phone usage. Everyone thinks this way, so no one goes to turn on the lights. Finally, someone stood up and turned on the lights.

It's not just on campus, nowadays people are accustomed to only caring about themselves. The presence of smartphones has further immersed people in the virtual world, isolating them from the real world. With headphones on, even though we are close to each other, we are distant as if we were worlds apart. Morally, various incidents of scamming have made people indifferent to others, to the point where they don't want to have any relationship with strangers.

In fact, we should do more than what is expected, whether it's in society or in the workplace. The recently popular short video platforms continuously release positive videos, using different ways to tell the audience that indifference and ignorance are detrimental to oneself in various situations. In the workplace, when the boss pretends to be a janitor and asks for your help, but you respond with a cold and indifferent look, it fully exposes your character and leaves a negative impression on others. The same applies to studying, helping classmates and assisting teachers will always make you stand out among other students and leave a deep impression on teachers and classmates.

Therefore, while taking care of our own affairs, we should also do more than what is expected. This is the path to success.

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