In my impression, this city is a rainy city.

I arrived in this city in September of last year. It rained on the first day I arrived, and it was a different kind of rain. Even in the cool and refreshing September, I could still feel the heat. I settled into my dormitory and began a four-year long-distance life.

Rain, rain. It seems like it rains every week. Every morning, I look out the window and see that it's raining again. I don't feel like going to class today. Even so, life still drives us to embark on the journey of learning. The rain gets heavier and heavier. I remember one time, I arrived at the classroom completely soaked.

I hate the rain. There was a time when I liked the rain, just to avoid physical education class. But now, I want the weather to be sunny all the time.

Gradually, rain became the first impression of this city in my mind.

This year, it has become unusual, or more precisely, different from my first impression. In the second half of the year, there were hardly any rainy days, even if there were, they were very few. This changed my impression of it.

I like sunny days, especially in winter. Here, as long as it's sunny, you can still feel the atmosphere of summer. Even in the daylight of winter, you can still go out wearing light clothes. But in the pitch-black night, you have to be careful, maybe that's when you can truly experience the cold of winter.

This can also be considered my second impression of it.

So, do you like it here?

I don't have the right to answer, I'm just a passerby. I only like sunny days.

It will be sunny from now on.

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