Long holiday

It has been almost three months since the last post. These days at home, in addition to the usual laziness, there is also the fear brought about by the epidemic.

Because of the epidemic, whether adults or children, work or study, are forced to stay at home. This year's winter vacation is different from the past. Not only is the holiday very long, but also the lively scene of the past New Year has been lost. Even now in March, it still feels like that winter vacation, still no school, still quiet, still lazy.

This may be the strongest desire to return to school, even in the face of such a terrible interpersonal relationship. But suddenly, there is fear that it may be another scene after going back. After all, time is long and unpredictable.

I really hope that the epidemic can end soon and return to normal social order. I am afraid of people around me, or rather, living in fear around me.

Take care.

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