Things to Do While Staying at Home

Let's summarize what I've been doing while staying at home for the past two months.


Towards the end of last year, I started a personal blog project, but I haven't been able to write much for it lately. I completed the migration of the backend UI and created three or four sections, but the backend API is not yet fully developed. Sometimes I feel like migrating the backend architecture to Koa or something similar, but then I find it troublesome and put it off. This project is currently on hold. I have to admit that the UI design for the frontend is really ugly, even copying homework doesn't do it justice. It's my fault.


At the end of last year, I joined a company mainly as a frontend developer. In January, I familiarized myself with the project structure and after trying out some modules, I felt it was going well, so I decided to stay. Starting from February, I officially became a member there. It's not a bad thing to start an internship early and gain work experience.


  • React Actually, I had no prior experience with React before joining this company. I never even thought about learning this framework before (to be honest, I was lazy and really liked Vue). However, with my experience in Vue, it was quite easy to learn React. I remember spending two days learning React, then comparing the lifecycles of Vue and React before diving into the project structure.
  • Vim Yes, you read that right, it's the legendary Vim that has driven countless programmers crazy. It has a high learning curve and can be quite challenging for beginners. On StackOverflow, the question of how to exit Vim has reached a staggering 2 million views (I have to say, ^Z is really useful). I might write a separate technical article about my learning experience with Vim.
  • TypeScript I've wanted to try TypeScript for a long time, probably since I was working on the backend. Unfortunately, Vue's support for TypeScript was quite poor. It didn't have good native support and required various libraries to extend its syntax, which led to a series of issues and ultimately ended in failure. But this time, I finally... I managed to run a Vue project written in TypeScript. TypeScript is amazing.


Unchanged Plans#

Learn Golang. I firmly believe that the future belongs to Go, so learning Go is definitely worth it. Luckily, the company I'm working for has already added Go refactoring to the roadmap.

Develop my own blog. I can't just throw away over 10,000 lines of code.

Other Things I Could Do#

  • Save some money.
  • Continue the internship.
  • Take on freelance projects.
  • Get a MacBook Pro 13'.
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