The night before returning to school.

This is probably the longest holiday I've had since my student days, a full five months.

During these five months, my mood went from happy and eager to start school, to anxious and worried.

Now, finally, the dust has settled. But I can't seem to find peace. Everything has become unpredictable, and I have no idea what my dormitory, which I haven't returned to in five months, looks like now. I'm starting to worry, starting to feel anxious.

During this period of online classes, I know I haven't listened to a single lecture, not even paying attention for five minutes. I'm starting to panic about exams.

During this time, I learned Swift and TypeScript; I spent over a month developing my personal space with all my effort. It's nearing completion now.

I always think a lot, but the future will still come. I can only move forward and continue.

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